This Black Sesame Cacao Mylk is Remineralizing and Delicious

Black Sesame Cacao Mylk

Have you ever made something on a whim only to find out it was strangely addictive? Then couldn't stop making it? This recipe is the perfect example.

Made with a base of raw almond milk, our Dastony Black Sesame Tahini, and raw cacao, this is one power-packed chocolate milk. If you've not yet tried black sesame tahini, you may be wondering what it's like. Similar to its beige counterpart you'll find in most hummus recipes, black sesame tahini has an earthy, nutty, sesame flavor (obvi), but has additional flavor nuances of smoke and molasses that make it very unique. In fact, it's a bit hard to describe. But it's delicious. And it goes perfectly with the flavor of dark chocolate (cacao).

Black sesame tahini also offers a hefty dose of plant-based calcium, which makes the perfect bone-building combination paired with cacao - a superfood rich with magnesium.

You can adjust the sweetener level to your own taste preference - we kept it on the lighter side here.

We hope you enjoy it!

Black Sesame Cacao Mylk

The Recipe

Black Sesame Cacao Mylk

Makes 16 oz


16 oz unsweetened almond milk (preferably homemade *see below)

1.5 Tbs Dastony Black Sesame Tahini

3 tsp raw cacao powder

2-3 tsp liquid sweetener - to your preferred taste

1/4 tsp vanilla

Pinch Himalayan crystal salt
1) Blend until smooth
*To make fresh almond milk, soak raw organic almonds overnight (about 8 hours), then rinse well in a strainer. Add to your blender with purified water in a ratio of 1 part almonds to 3-4 parts water, and blend well. Strain through a nylon mesh nut milk bag.

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