The most useful is considered to be dark chocolate.

Currently, there are several types of chocolate, namely dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate with various fillings. The most useful is considered to be dark chocolate. It contains a large amount of flavanols - special substances of plant origin that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
We work directly with organic and fairly traded cacao suppliers within native communities in Peru, working to provide consumers with densely nutritious products that are essential to the everyday environment, the economy and the social life of native Peruvian communities. By choosing our chocolate and superfoods, you, in turn, support unique and effective opportunities for Peruvians in remote jungle communities seeking sustainable production partnerships, and a healthier lifestyle through business operations.
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Everything you need for your personal immune support.
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Satisfy your chocolate cravings with zero added sugar. Our 72% cacao keto formula has that perfect balance of creamy and bittersweet with a hint of real vanilla bean. Sweetened with organic monk fruit, erythritol and yacon root and enhanced with botanical digestive enzymes to support gut health.

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