How to Make a Raw Vegan Magic Shell

Do you remember enjoying magic shell ice cream as a child? If so then this recipe will definitely bring back a flood of nostalgia. There's something so, well, magical about the combination of icy cold ice cream and a hardened chocolate shell that melts in the mouth. The best part is they couldn't be easier to make right at home, all you need is a little chocolate of your choice and a spoonful of coconut oil for that perfect consistency you can crack into with a spoon. So satisfying. 
Now, not all magic shells are made with chocolate. White chocolate can be used too and is just as heavenly. This recipe utilizes our Rawmio White Chocolate Hearts which are made with clean, better-for-you ingredients like cold pressed cacoa butter, coconut sugar, real vanilla bean and lucuma - a nutritious Peruvian fruit with a butterscotch flavor. They're absolutely perfect as a base for a white chocolate butterscotch magic shell!
Drizzle (or pour with reckless abandon - yolo!) your magic shell on top of all your favorite frozen treats including plant-based ice creams and smoothie bowls. If you need an idea, try our Banana Berry Nice Cream recipe below, it's all the proof you need that eating healthy can be fun and decadent.

The Recipe

Banana Berry Nice Cream with White Chocolate Magic Shell

Serves 2


Nice cream

2 frozen bananas (peeled, chopped, frozen overnight)

1 heaped cup frozen berry blend (something with blackberries or marionberries is especially nice)

1 tsp vanilla extract

Splash of plant milk to blend (you can add more as needed once you start blending)

White Chocolate Butterscotch Magic Shell 

1 bag Rawmio White Chocolate Hearts

1 tsp coconut oil


Nice cream

1. In a food processor, mix all nice cream ingredients until smooth. Add a splash more plant milk to help it mix as needed.

2. Place in freezer to firm it up

Magic shell

3. Using a double boiler method, melt white chocolate hearts until liquid.

4. Place nice cream in bowl, drizzle with melted white chocolate and a sprinkle of Rawmio Peruvian cacao nibs and enjoy!

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