This Cherry Hazelnut Citrus Burst Smoothie Tastes Like Spring! (Recipe!)

Cherry Hazelnut Citrus Burst Smoothie

Happy April! Spring is officially here - hurray! And if the explosion of blossoming flowers, warmer weather, and longer days hasn't left you feeling charged up and ready to spring back to life after a long, cold winter, this smoothie combination most certainly will.

While colder months call for denser recipes, it feels good in the spring to lighten things up a bit with a little more fresh fruit. In order to keep the blood sugar stable, however, it's still important to incorporate a healthy plant based fat and protein into your smoothie blends. We love using all of our Dastony Stone Ground Nut Butters for this very purpose - a smoothie is rarely made around here without at least a tablespoon or two. Aside from adding a nutrition boost, nut and seed butters also add delicious flavor and additional creaminess - they are a must!

Maybe it's the beautiful spring weather we're starting to experience, or all of the cherry trees showcasing a stunning display of pink blossoms, either way we've been left dreaming about cherry season ahead. We decided to whip up a refreshing, fruity, antioxidant-rich smoothie featuring frozen bing cherries, fresh cara cara orange juice, coconut cream, vanilla, and our freshly Stone Ground Hazelnut Butter. The result was an absolute dream. Purely luxurious. And super rich with Vitamin C and flavonoids to help give the immune system a little boost too. You must try!

Cherry Hazelnut Citrus Burst Smoothie

The Recipe

Cherry Hazelnut Citrus Burst Smoothie

Serves 1 (because you deserve all of it!)


1.5 cups frozen bing cherries

2 Tbs coconut cream (the solid part of canned, full fat coconut milk. Use organic from a BPA-free can if possible!)

1 cup fresh cara cara orange juice (or try blood orange!)

1 heaped Tbs Dastony Stone Ground Hazelnut Butter

1/4 tsp vanilla extract


1. Place liquids in your blender carafe first. Follow with frozen fruit and remaining ingredients. Blend ingredients until smooth.

Cherry Hazelnut Citrus Burst Smoothie

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