Lighten Up For Spring With This Creamy and Sweet Raw Vegan Carrot Ginger Bisque (Recipe!)

Spring is in full bloom! Nature is sprouting back to life all around us, the days are longer, the sunshine is a little brighter, and temperatures rise. It’s a great time to bring a little life back into your body as well by freshening up your eating habits.

After relying on heavier cooked foods to keep warm and grounded during the winter, spring calls for lighter fare with a focus on more raw, living foods. Spring is also the perfect time to support the digestive system with a gentle detox.

Raw blended soups are an absolutely perfect addition to your spring menu because they’re easy on digestion (your blender has already done much of the work!), and their uncooked nature means more of the heat sensitive phytonutrients remain intact.

They’re also rich with enzymes to further aid in digestion, and they’re full of water, which will help your body flush out toxins and stay hydrated. Perfect for a gentle spring cleanse!

This recipe is so light and refreshing, yet manages to also be very satisfying thanks to a palate-pleasing balance of creamy, salty, and sweet. The combination of sweet carrot juice infused with ginger root and a hint of lemon zest literally tastes like spring in a bowl. The creaminess is achieved through blending in a trifecta of nourishing plant-based fats: stone ground cashew butter, stone ground coconut butter (made from the whole coconut, nut just the oil), and avocado. The addition of a healthy fat also has the side benefit of helping the body assimilate all of that beta carotene - a fat soluble antioxidant which helps fight free radicals, protect the eyes, prevent premature aging, and beautify the skin.

The Recipe

Creamy and Sweet Raw Vegan Carrot Ginger Bisque

Makes 2 bowls


20 oz fresh carrot juice*

1 Tbs Dastony Stone Ground Raw Cashew Butter

1 Tbs Dastony Stone Ground Raw Coconut Butter

1/2 small-medium hass avocado

1 inch knob of ginger root, peeled and finely minced (1 full Tbs once finely minced) + more to taste if desired

1/8-1/4 tsp Himalayan pink salt - to taste

1/2 tsp fresh lemon zest

1 tsp coconut sugar or maple syrup - or to taste


1. Pour carrot juice into your blender carafe. Add in remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. It’s as easy as that!

Garnish with fresh cilantro, fresh sprouts, more lemon zest, a touch of paprika, smoked chipotle or cayenne, and raw nuts or seeds of your choice.

*you can juice your own carrot juice (make sure it's strained to remove the fiber) or purchase organic carrot juice from your local health food store or juice bar. If purchasing from the store, make sure it’s 100% organic carrots and nothing else.

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