Why Does Organic CBD Matter?

Why Does Organic CBD Matter?

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the market for CBD and other hemp products is burgeoning. Hundreds of CBD retailers are popping up across the USA, competing for their slice of the market.

Over the next few years, where we, the consumers, spend our money is going to determine which of these companies flourish, and which slowly fade away.

This begs the question, what should you be looking for when you purchase CBD oil?

One of the most important factors for the quality of the product that you purchase — not to mention its environmental impact — is whether or not it’s organic.

Why Is Organic CBD Important?

Organic CBD is important for two primary reasons: our health and that of the planet we call home.

Why CBD Is Better For The Environment

Organic agriculture is that which has been certified to adhere to certain rules in how it’s grown. These rules include no use of prohibited substances, such as most synthetic pesticides and herbicides, for at least three years.

When crops, like the hemp plant from which CBD is extracted, are grown with synthetic chemicals sprayed on them, these chemicals don’t leave when the hemp is harvested. Instead, they leech into the soil and the surrounding streams, rivers, and lakes.

This fertilizer runoff can damage natural ecosystems, contributing to “dead zones” in our streams, rivers, and oceans. Dead zones are caused when there isn’t enough oxygen to support marine life.

In our oceans, excessive blooms of algae are becoming increasingly common, largely due to the runoff of agricultural chemicals into the ocean. This algae depletes oxygen levels and kills off the marine life.

But how big of a contributor is hemp?

Unfortunately, conventionally-grown hemp is likely to become a large contributor, because it requires lots of chemical fertilizers when grown conventionally.

What this means is that it’s particularly important for the environment that we purchase organic hemp products, such as CBD.

By supporting the CBD companies that source organic CBD, we can encourage sustainable agriculture and protect our streams, rivers, and oceans for years to come.

Why Organic CBD Is Better For Your Health

When we go to buy CBD oil or other products, nearly all of us share the goal of improving our health. This might be reducing pain, easing anxiety, enhancing skin’s appearance, or supporting an optimal mood. The last thing that we want is to use a product that contains large quantities of harmful chemicals.

The challenge with hemp is that it’s great at cleaning the soil it grows in by absorbing whatever is present in the soil.

This means that hemp plants grown in conventional fields will contain traces of not just the chemicals that are sprayed on them, but those that have polluted the soil will exist inside of the hemp plant itself.

It’s this unique quality of hemp plants that makes purchasing organic hemp products of the utmost importance for our health.

How Can I Be Sure My CBD Product Is Organic?

There is only one way to be certain that the CBD product you purchase is organic: look for an organic label, and do your own due diligence. Let me explain.

Only companies using CBD and other ingredients sourced from growers who obtain organic certification can legally claim that their products are USDA organic.

While most of the CBD companies out there today are good companies owned by honest people, there will always be some companies out there deceiving customers to increase their profits.

This means that you might see the term “organic” on a product that doesn’t actually qualify as such. You can always double-check that a company has an organic status by checking with the certifying organization directly if you have any doubt.

It’s also important to remember that there are quality products that have not been certified organic. The varying regulations around hemp farming in different states means that many companies couldn’t qualify even if they were using organic processes prior to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. There are only a few CBD companies that have qualified to use the USDA organic seal.

So, what can you do to make sure that you’re buying a sustainable product? Here are a few things to look for:

Transparency around the brand’s growing and/or sourcing

Complete lab reports showing that their products are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides

Commitment to sustainability in other areas, such as shipping materials

Final Thoughts

Organic CBD products are better for our health and the health of the world in which we live. Look for organic CBD products to support a hemp industry that you’ll want to see thriving for years to come.

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Nicole Gleichmann is a freelance health and science writer with a passion for holistic health and wellness.

She’s an avid traveler, hiker, and yogi, who shares her life with her loving pup, Tonka.

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