Thinking Beyond the Bread with Dastony Stone Ground Goodness

If you've had the great pleasure of experiencing our Dastony nut butters, you've likely realized that they are a different breed of nut butter all together. The first trait that people generally notice is the unique consistency: viscious, creamy, silky, with zero clumps or grit and very minimal oil separation if any. This is due to our old world stone grinding manufacturing technique. Stone grinding minimizes friction and heat, and the subsequent oxidation of essential fatty acids and loss of nutrients. It also helps maintain an incredibly fresh, delicious flavor that is true to the nuts and seeds used. The unique texture that stone grinding delivers also sets Dastony apart in the versatility department.

There is literally a WORLD of options that awaits you, from freshly blended instant nut milks that are free of all preservatives and additives, to sauces and dressings that will bring your meals (and your taste buds) to life. There is so much to discover in the realm of nut butters that having nothing to do with sandwiching them between two layers of bread.

Get your Dastony stone ground nut butters ready for dipping, dunking, mixing and drizzling and head to our RawGuru blog today for 5 More Creative Ways to Use Raw Nut Butters - we've included a few of our favorite recipes + an awesome COUPON CODE!

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