The Energy Elixir // Coconut Maca Mate Latte with Dastony and Veggimins (Recipe!)

This is a recipe near and dear to our heart - after all, it replaces coffee in the morning so it's basically what breathes life into the day. If you have given up coffee, either as a short break or as a permanent step towards enjoying better health, yerba mate is a must try. Yerba mate hails from South America, where it is enjoyed as a staple drink by native cultures. It contains 196 active chemical compounds, has a tons of minerals, and is rich with nutrients such as polyphenols, which exhibit powerful antioxidant/anti-cancer capabilities. Yerba mate does contain a fair amount of caffeine for a definite stimulative effect (it WILL wake you up!), but this comes without the acifying effects of coffee. We find that it energizes the body and clears the mind without the same jittery effect of coffee, or the withdrawal symptoms (hello migraine headaches!) if it's skipped for a day or two.

Our delicious vanilla and honey-infused latte recipe also has the added energizing benefits of the 4 varieties of organic superfood maca root found with our Veggimins Maca Matrix (pictured in more depth at the very end) and the metabolism-boosting effects of the coconut oil found naturally within our Dastony stone ground whole coconut butter. The coconut butter and hemp seeds work together to give the recipe that insanely delicious, creamy, latte-like consistency and flavor - all without a stitch of dairy!

The Recipe

Serves 1

12oz hot water - near boiling point

2-3 Tbs loose leaf yerba mate (we like it strong! Feel free to adjust to your own needs.)

1 tbs Dastony stone ground whole coconut butter

1/2 Tbs raw honey - or sweetener of choice

1/2 tsp Veggimins Maca Matrix

1/2 tsp vanilla extract - or 1/4 tsp vanilla bean powder

1/2 Tbs hemp seeds


1. Brew mate in a french press* as you would coffee, and blend with other ingredients until creamy and frothy. If you have a high speed blender this will create a nice amount of foam on top naturally, but feel free to also foam some coconut milk on the side to add at the end.

*You can also heat your water in a pot on the stove, add the loose leaf yerba mate once hot (but not boiling), then steap, strain, and blend with latte ingredients.

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