Sunbiotics Ginger Spice and Everything Nice

Our Sunbiotics chocolate bars fuse medicinal nutrition with a potent dose of immune boosting probiotics - 10 billion cfus to be exact. This unique 65% cacao dark chocolate bar is ‪raw, organic, fair trade and ‬stone ground at low temperatures‬.

We carefully add to the mix our potent blend of 4 of the most researched probiotic strains proven to aid in digestion, along with pure coconut sugar, yacon‬ root ‪for its naturally occurring prebiotic fructooligosaccharide content (FOS), pure vanilla bean and REAL ginger essential oil- not a flavor or flavor extract.

You can find all 3 of our Sunbiotics chocolate bars, organic probiotic supplements, and probiotic-enhanced almond snacks by heading to the Shop tab on our site - or by clicking HERE.

Enjoy a healthy probiotic-enhanced chocolate bar today! Your tummy will be pleased.

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