Sunbiotics: A Minty Fresh Way to Get Your Daily Dose of Probiotics

There is something special about the classic combination of mint and chocolate. Refreshing, invigorating, and uplifting, while also being decadent and somehow sensual.

We've taken the combo to new heights by adding into the mix a potent dose of pure, organic, dairy-free probiotics. Within each Sunbiotics chocolate bar you will find 4 of the most well-researched probiotic strains proven to help improve digestion. We add in Peruvian yacon root prebiotics to help boost the efficacy of the probiotic flora in an organic way.

Our chocolate is raw, stone ground, fairly traded, and delicately sweetened with low glycemic and mineral-rich coconut sugar. Pure peppermint oil is used, never a "natural" or artificial flavor extract, to add that minty fresh flavor while helping to improve and soothe digestion. Learn more about our Sunbiotics probiotic-enhanced snacks and supplements by clicking HERE, and show your guts some love today with a solid dose of probiotics.

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