Strengthen Your Immune System Through The Power of Nanosilver

Boosting Immunity with Nanosilver

Are you looking for a natural way to strengthen your immune system? While supporting a robust immune system is important regardless of what's happening in the world, it becomes especially critical during times like these. And we could all use better tools! Bonus points if they're non-toxic, natural, and safe.

The Power of Silver

Most likely you're familiar with silver. You may even be wearing some pretty jewelry made of this metal right now. What you may be surprised to learn is that silver has some seriously powerful wellness applications. Silver releases positively charged ions, which are safe to the human body, but highly toxic to the pathogens which lead to disease.

So how do we harness the powers of silver so we can use it as a tool against disease? The answer lies in nanotechnology (don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds, we promise).

What is “Nano”?

To put it simply, a nanoparticle is simply a very, very small particle. To be more precise, a nanoparticle is a particle that measures less than 100 nm (nanometers).

This may sound like a new development in science, but actually, humans have been using very small silver particles over the last century in the form of colloidal silver – small silver particles suspended in a liquid.

How does it work?

When silver particles are broken down into nanoparticles they have a much larger surface area, leading to the production of more positive ions – exactly what's needed to have a serious antimicrobial effect. A nanoparticle size also means that the silver ions have better potential to penetrate through the cell membrane for an even more powerful antimicrobial punch. It also means the particles are more easily flushed from the body, with less of a risk for buildup in the tissues.

Experience The Silver Lining

The Silver Lining Immunity Sprays contain nanosilver at a concentration of both 10 ppm and 25ppm (two strengths). For the maximum immune support check out our Extra Strength formula which also contains nano oregano oil – another potent and natural immune booster with strong antimicrobial properties.

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