Rawmio Active Superfood Bark // Our 4 Favorite Medicinal Mushrooms + Their Benefits

Our Rawmio Active Superfood Bark continues to be one of our top selling products, and it's no wonder why. Aside from being out-of-this-world delicious it's also packed with some really wonderful superfoods: chia seeds, mulberries, maca root, and a sneaky but potent dose of 4 ancient medicinal mushrooms.

In honor of National Day of the Mushroom today April 16th (it's true!) we're giving you an inside peak into the health benefits of each unique variety...it's time to get down with the fungi!


Chaga grows on birch trees in colder climates across the Northern Hemisphere, and is known for being one of the most powerful sources of polyphenol antioxidants on the planet. Chaga contains structural polysaccharides and beta glucans, both of which have an incredibly powerful effect on our immune system.


One of the oldest and most dynamic medicinals which has stood the test of time, reishi mushroom acts as an adaptogen strengthening the body on a holistic level as a whole. It has been used in Chinese medicine for millenia for its life-span-enhancing properties. It has been shown to have anti-cancer properties, help regenerate the liver, and protect our neurological system.


A genus of fungus that includes around 400 different specis, cordyceps have been shown to boost vitality levels and improve the mood, as well as protect against radiation damage, aid in detoxification, boost immunity, and protect the heart and lungs. It is also known for increasing longevity.

Lion's Mane

While this mushroom has nothing literal to do with actual lions, it gains its name from the appearance of hair-like spines that cascade down the sides of its main globular-shaped body (think pom pom ball). Lion's Mane is well known for its cognitive boosting, and nerve regenerating properties. It has also been shown to help in the treatment of mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

All of this medicinal mushroom goodness crammed into one raw chocolate bar?! Yep. Check out our Rawmio Active Superfood Barks HERE.

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