RawGuru's New and Improved Nut Milk Bag // The Top 5 Benefits of Fresh Nut Milk

When it comes to making healthy dietary choices, being equipped with the proper kitchen tools can make a world of difference. Convenience is key. Our RawGuru Premium Nut Milk and Sprouting Bag is a must-have in every eco friendly and health conscious kitchen.

They are:

*100% re-usable and easy to clean. Simply hand wash after use with warm soapy water and let air dry. Drying time is quick making them a great option for travel as well.

*Made in the USA of high quality food-grade nylon. Our hearty nylon material has less tendency to stretch and tear making your nut milk bag last longer even with heavy use.

*The perfect size for conveniently making both small and large batches of fresh nut milk. Make extra and store it in an airtight container (preferably glass) in the fridge for use throughout the week.

*Highly versatile. Grow sprouts in your nut milk bag or even remove fiber from fruit and vegetable smoothies to create fresh juice.

A highly nutritious and delicious option, fresh nut milk has many benefits to your health.

Here are our top 5 benefits of FRESH nut milks!

1. High in nutrients. Store bought milks are most often heavily pasteurized. By using a blender and Zimtal nut milk bag you eliminate the use of heat, preserving valuable heat sensitive nutrients, proteins, and essential fatty acids. The result is a more nutritious milk!

2. Alkalinizing and non-mucous forming. Dairy milk tends to be allergenic for many individuals and highly mucous forming. On the contrary milk made from freshly soaked nuts and seeds is easily digestible and doesn't contribute to toxicity or acidity within the body. A more alkaline diet means greater levels of health and well being and a more robust immune system.

3. Pure and wholesome. You are in control of what goes into your recipe. Avoid additives, sugar, salt and artificial preservatives by making your own. Add ingredients like organic coconut sugar or dates to sweeten, real vanilla bean or extract to flavor, and Himalayan pink salt to add minerals and make flavors pop.

4. Cost effective. Let's be honest, with food costs continually going up we're all looking for ways to cut some dollars without sacrificing food quality and safety. By making your own nut milk you can save big time! Buy your raw nuts and seeds in bulk quantities and make enough milk at a time to get you through the week. Simply store what you don't consume immediately in glass jars in the fridge. You'll be amazed by how much money you can save!

5. Completely delicious. Nothing tastes better than fresh, real food. Experience nut milk like it's meant to be enjoyed: creamy, delicious, and full of natural flavors that come from REAL foods.

6 Undesirables You Avoid By Making Your Own

1. Added Sugars - most store-bought dairy alternatives such as nut, rice, oat, or soy milks contain cane sugar. This adds unnecessary empty calories to your diet, and can contribute to health conditions such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, and weight gain.

2. Added Texture Modifiers/Enhancers - avoid questionable ingredients added for no other reason than to enhance and modify texture. Gums, starches, and carrageenan are most often added to store-bought dairy-alternatives. Carrageenan in particular has a very questionable affect on the body, and in fact has been proven to cause serious inflammation within the GI tracts of test subjects*.

3. Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals - while added vitamin A, Vitamin D, and B Vitamins may seem like a beneficial thing, processed and fortified milks have synthetic vitamins added which are hard for the body to break down and utilize, are often not absorbed at all, and can be derived from things such as petroleum*. When you make your own nut milk from scratch you will get an abundance of food-based nutrition that your body can utilize right away without any toxic after-effects.

4. Phytic Acid - soak your nuts overnight (for at least 8 hours) and help rid them of their naturally occurring phytic acid. This compound occurs within nuts, seeds, grains and legumes to prevent germination before ideal growing conditions. Once within the body phytic acid can have an "anti-nutrient" effect and inhibit the proper absorption of critical minerals such as zinc, calcium, copper, iron and magnesium. Phytic acid is also found heavily within soy beans and soy milk.

5.Artificial Hormones and Pesticides - one of the main cases against drinking conventional dairy milk is the avoidance of growth hormones and pesticides. Bovine growth hormone is given to cows in order to stimulate more milk production and has been shown to contribute to early onset menstruation and puberty, general hormonal imbalances and even obesity. Pesticide residue is also a real problem in dairy milk, and can lead to toxicity and even more endocrine disruption.

6. Phytoestrogens - soy milk contains naturally occurring phyto-hormones known as isoflavones. These powerful plant compounds can mimic our bodies' own estrogen. This can cause disruption to our hormonal balance and may even contribute to the growth of certain cancers.* With many other substances also acting as estrogen mimickers these days (other phyto-hormones within plants, chemicals found in household cleaners and personal care products, and even the pesticides used to grow conventional foods) it is best to keep soy consumption to a minimum.

Making your own nut milk can be quick, easy and fun! Try a variety of nuts and seeds such as the following:

*Macadamia Nuts *Brazil Nuts
*Hemp Seeds
*Black Sesame Seeds

Basic Every Day Nut Milk Recipe:

1 cup soaked nuts
3 cups water or coconut water pinch of Himalayan salt Sweetener and vanilla to taste

1. blend and strain! Add cacao powder for a chocolate milk.

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