Pretty In Pink Superfood Pitaya Oatmeal (Recipe!)

Whether it's the fact that Valentine's Day is sneaking up (and quick!) or simply that life just seems a little more cheerful when there's the color pink involved, we decided to take a cue from one of our favorite bloggers Breakfast Criminals (who is also the creator of this gorgeous heart bowl) and make oats our canvas today. We did it by throwing some frozen dragon fruit into the mix - and the result was quite a sight! Pitaya does more than just wow the eyes with a pop of bright fuschia, it is also a source of incredible superfood nutrition. Dragon fruit is rich with antioxidants, giving acai a bit of a run for its money, and also contains plenty of fiber, mineral magnesium, Vitamin C and B vitamins. We used frozen pitaya packs from Pitaya Plus in this recipe, and it quickly melted right into our cooked oatmeal, and blended perfectly with the dreamy tropical flavor of our Dastony whole coconut butter + vanilla.

The Recipe

(You can also choose to use your own favorite oatmeal recipe - simply add in 1/2 pack of Pitaya Plus right at the end!)

Serves 1


1.5 cups water

3/4 cup oats (we used organic quick oats)

1/2 pack Pitaya Plus pitaya

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tbs Dastony stone ground whole coconut butter

1 tsp chia seeds

1 tsp hemp seeds

Pinch of Himalayan pink salt

Splash of plant based milk of choice

Toppings: maple syrup, cinnamon, Dastony nut butter drizzle, raw cashews, hemp seeds, coconut flakes, fruits of choice, etc.


Bring water to boil and cook oats as you normally would. Add in coconut butter and pitaya last, at the end of cooking time but while oats are still hot. Top with a splash of your milk of choice, and garnish as you wish. Enjoy!!

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