National Cocoa Day with Rawmio Drinking Hot Chocolate Mix (Recipes!)

It's National Cocoa Day Saturday Dec 12th! But maybe it's one of those (maybe rare?) days when just a subtle hint of chocolate will do...try infusing a matcha green tea latte with a sprinkling of our Rawmio Drinking Hot Chocolate Mix. In true Rawmio fashion, this unique, artisan-crafted drinking chocolate mix is raw, stone ground, made with single origin, fairly traded Peruvian cacao, and it's sweetened with unrefined coconut sap sugar - never cane sugar or agave. You can sprinkle it on literally any hot beverage for that perfect touch of melted raw chocolate (try it on your next latte - hello next level mocha!). For matcha lovers, simply use your favorite recipe - or try ours below which we've been obsessed with lately.

The Recipe

Matcha Latte with Fresh Coconut Water and Rawmio Chocolate Sprinkle

Makes 1, 12oz mug

1/2 cup purified water

3/4 cup almond milk - unsweetened - preferably homemade and raw

3/4 cup coconut water - fresh from a Thai coconut, or try Exotic Superfoods or Harmless Harvest brands

1 tbs Dastony stone ground coconut butter - gently melted

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 heaped tsp tea-grade matcha - always organic

Optional: sweetener to taste - however the coconut water lends a nice subtle sweetness on its own


Heat 1/2 cup pure water on stove top until near boil. Pour into mug with tsp matcha and whisk until frothy.

Blend all remaining ingredients together until smooth, creamy and foamy

Pour into a pan on the stove and heat to your desired temp. Stir while heating for smoothest result.

Pour into mug with hot matcha, sprinkle with crushed Rawmio Drinking Hot Chocolate Mix, and enjoy!

PS. if you'd rather go full-on with the chocolate for National Cocoa Day - simply heat a mug of your favorite unsweetened milk of choice, add in 2-3 tbs of Rawmio Drinking Hot Chocolate Mix, and stir or blend until smooth.

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