Mindful Mocha Fudge // Rawmio Hazelnut Coffee Spread

Chocolate and coffee - when it comes to guilty pleasures these two top many a list. If one of these lists happens to be yours, you'll be pretty ecstatic to learn that you can remove the guilt from that pleasure equation. Our ‪Rawmio‬ Coffee Spread is how you do ‪‎mocha‬ if you're mindful about what you put in your body. It's also got an insanely yummy fudge-like texture when it's cold out - as pictured above.

We don't use just any old coffee bean - we use a very special variety known as Longevity Coffee©. These coffee beans are grown in the Longevity Valley of Ecuador, where they thrive with the help of fresh spring water, volcanic soil, and pure sunlight (we'll take a ticket there now please!). They have an ORAC‪ antioxidant‬ rating twice that of goji berries and are non-acidifying to the body. While coffee is known for being a heavy pesticide crop, these beans are ‪‎organic‬, and also contain no molds and mycotoxins. Find all Rawmio flavors HERE, and shop retail by visiting our website at www.rawguru.com.

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