How Chocolate Actually Makes Your Probiotics More Effective

One of the main things we love doing here at Windy City Organics, is figuring out ridiculously delicious ways of getting powerful medicinals and superfoods into the body. Our Sunbiotics range does a superb job of enabling you to reap the health benefits of probiotics by making them convenient and delicious to consume every single day. And while it may seem like the concept of chocolate as a delivery medium for probiotics makes sense simply because... well, it's CHOCOLATE (no explanation needed), there is actually a more scientific reason why we've paired the two.

The Prebiotic Effect

It turns out you're not the only one who loves chocolate - your gut flora does as well! By now most of us are aware that cacao, the base ingredient in all dark chocolate, is awash with polyphenol antioxidants known as flavonols. These flavonols work hard to fight free radicial damage, prevent premature aging, and reduce inflammation. But what many of us don't realize is they also act as potent prebiotics, meaning if you're a probiotic bacteria, flavonols are what's on the menu. Two flavonol compounds found within cacao - known as catechin and epicatechin - aren't readily digested and absorbed by our bodies, yet once they enter the GI tract, they're gobbled up by some of our body's most beneficial probiotic bacteria, including lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.

Choose Raw, Go Dark

Remember, when it comes to the prebiotic benefits of chocolate, it's all about the flavonol content. By choosing raw chocolate that has been minimally processed, and with at least 65% cacao solids, you'll ensure that you're getting the most prebiotic bang for your buck. Our Sunbiotics stone ground raw chocolate is made in a unique nib-to-bar, low temperature method so that all of those vital antioxidants and unique prebiotic compounds are preserved. We then infuse our chocolate with 10 billion CFU's of shelf stable probiotics per serving, and even more prebiotic goodness in the form of organic yacon root. I guess we've just given you one more excuse to go ahead and indulge in some dark chocolate. Something tells us you'll likely not mind.


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