Happy Easter! // Building A Healthy, Superfood Easter Basket With Rawmio

When you look at what's available for Easter candy, one thing becomes pretty obvious: health is NOT at the forefront of many manufacturers' agenda. Yes, candy is meant to be enjoyed, but that doesn't mean it should be loaded with additives, glazes, emulsifiers, artificial flavors, GMO's, refined sugars, hormone-loaded dairy derivatives, chemical food dyes, and the list goes on.

We say enough of that! It's time to fill our children's Easter baskets with the best chocolate ever, chocolate that is free from harmful ingredients, packed with nutrition and powerful health-promoting compounds like flavonols and antioxidants. We offer a wide range of glaze-free chocolate covered treats including sweet cherries, golden raisins, and sprouted nuts, as well as raw chocolate bars, superfood-topped chocolate barks, and even raw truffle fudge cakes. You can't go wrong.

Head to our retail shop at www.rawguru.com where you can find our entire line up of Rawmio chocolate treats at 25% off now through Easter Sunday.

Shop the retail sale HERE.


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