Green Miracle Moringa Iced Tea Latte with Probiotics (Recipe!)

Moringa, also known as "The Miracle Tree" is an herbal superfood made from the dried and ground leaves of the Moringa Tree, native to parts of Africa and Asia. Moringa is a well-rounded storehouse of highly beneficial nutrients and antioxidants including beta carotene, Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, a full array of B vitamins and even amino acids for healthy protein synthesis - just to name a few.

Moringa has a strong, grassy, somewhat bitter flavor (think matcha green tea) and a definite bite, similar to watercress or radish. Since the taste and appearance was so much like matcha we immediately wanted to try combining the two in a latte form for an even heftier medicinal superfood punch. We also added in a dose of Sunbiotics Vanilla Probiotic Powder for an added boost to digestion (it's also great for soothing the tummy), and a little sprinkle of Rawmio Chocolate Essentials Bar in mint (no explanation needed there - chocolate makes everything better). The result was a wonderfully nourishing and refreshing mid afternoon energy booster. This would be a great choice post yoga or workout.

If you're new to moringa, it is definitely worth giving it a try - the benefits are vast...

The Benefits of Moringa

*Promotes beautiful hair and skin

*Nourishes the blood

*Aids in detoxification processes

*Helps balance blood sugar levels

*Helps promote alkalinity

*Is anti-inflammatory

*Is an antioxidant substance

*Boosts brain function

*Helps cleanse and protect the liver and kidneys

*Boosts the immune system

*Is a good source of chlorophyll

The Recipe

Green Miracle Moringa Iced Tea Latte

Makes 1, 16oz serving


1.5 cups water

1 heaped tsp matcha green tea powder

1/2 tsp moringa powder

1 Tbs raw organic honey

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 cup thick coconut milk

1/3 tsp Sunbiotics Vanilla Probiotic Powder


1/2 Rawmio Chocolate Essentials Bar - Mint, crumbled for garnish


1. Heat about 4oz of water on a stove top. Pour over matcha green tea and stir or whisk to dissolve.

2. Add in raw honey so it can dissolves with the matcha in the hot water.

3. Add in your remaining cup of water (cool or room temperature), and stir well.

4. Add in remaining ingredients: moringa, vanilla, and probiotics. Stir. *Note: The moringa and probiotics are heat sensitive so be sure to add these in after your cool water.

5. Pour mixture into another glass filled with ice.

6. Top with coconut cream and crushed Rawmio Chocolate Essentials Bar in mint and enjoy! *Note: We used very thick coconut cream so it was like a whipped cream effect, but you can also blend it in more to the tea - it's up to you.

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