Deck the Halls with Raw Vegan Egg Nog (Recipe!)

Who doesn't love a glass of velvety-rich, nutmeg and cinnamon-infused egg nog this time of year? It induces happy, warm feelings of nostalgia and is synonymous with the festivities of the season. Traditionally speaking, real egg nog contains a slew of ingredients that might not be in alignment with your health goals: heavy cream, white sugar, and yep, alcohol. We've lightened this recipe up substantially and given it a superfood twist with raw almond milk, fresh coconut water, whole coconut butter, and chia seeds! ENJOY, and if you do slip in a shot or two of bourbon - your secret is safe with us *wink

The Recipe

Raw Vegan Egg Nog

Makes 2, 8oz cups

1 cup coconut water - fresh from a Thai coconut, or try Exotic Superfoods or Harmless Harvest brands

1 cup homemade almond milk*

1 tbs Dastony whole coconut butter - gently melted

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp chia seeds

Optional: 1-2 tsp coconut sugar or maple - the coconut water will give it a nice subtle sweetness, but add additional sweetener to suite your taste.


Add almond milk, coconut water, and chia seeds to your blender and blend until chia is completely broken down.

Add remaining ingredients and blend again until smooth. Adjust sweetness level and enjoy!

Note: this recipe will separate in the fridge. Prior to serving simply give it a shake!

**BONUS** Turn this recipe into an eggnog mylkshake! Simply add 2 frozen ripe (spotty) bananas (no additional sweetener needed if you go this route...)

*make almond milk by soaking 1 heaped cup of almonds in pure water overnight, rinse in the morning, then blend with 4 cups pure water and strain through a nut milk bag to remove fiber.

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