Beyond The Bread: 5 Less Common Ways to Use Nut Butter

Raw, stone ground nut butters make an excellent way to fuel and nourish your body, as they are rich with healthy fats and proteins for a stabilizing effect on blood sugar. They're also straight up delicious and satisfying in a way that is hard to beat, especially for something so simple, natural, and minimally processed.

While there is nothing wrong with enjoying nut butters in the time tested and ever-classic PB&J (or our personal favorite: the AB&J - A for Almond), if this has been the limit of your nut butter exploration, there is literally an entire world of deliciousness and versatility for you to explore!

Get your Dastony Stone Ground Nut Butters ready for dipping, dunking, mixing and drizzling because you're about to learn 5 new ways to use nut butters that have nothing to do with bread.

1. Instant Nut Milks with Zero Additives

As awareness rises on the often times detrimental health impacts that certain processed food additives like carrageenan can have on our bodies, more people are reading ingredient lists and are looking for alternatives to their favorite dairy less milk alternatives. Nut butter to the rescue! Simply blend 1-2 TBS of your favorite Dastony nut butter (think almond butter, coconut, cashew, or hazelnut) with 8oz of pure water or coconut water and you've just made instant nut milk in a flash with ZERO emulsifiers, sugars, salts, flavors, or processed funk of any kind.

Learn more and get a few awesome recipes by checking out our previous blog post all about instant nut milks HERE.

2. Turn Breakfast Into an Artistic Masterpiece

Do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram or your favorite food blog wondering how people make their food look so pretty? It's usually in large part due to the styling, and the way the food is garnished. A drizzle of nut butter, along with a sprinkling of granola, coconut flakes, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs, (you get the gist) will take your smoothie bowls from drab to fab instantly. We eat first with our eyes, and when our meals look pleasing to the eye, we end up enjoying our food more. It's also a way of showing love and honoring yourself. Eat like a god/goddess!

3. Bring Your Salads and Bowls To Life with Tasty Sauces

We all know the importance of eating enough vegetables, and especially dark greens, on a daily basis. These foods ground us and provide a wealth of trace minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and detoxifying chlorophyll and fiber. They help keep our blood nourished and cleansed. Is there a trick to make them delicious and wildly appetizing? YES! It's all about the sauces and dressings. Stone ground raw butters make the perfect base for dressings that will blow your socks off, and also provide the body with healthy fats to help all those fat soluble nutrients in the greens - such as beta carotene and Vitamin K - absorb readily.

Click HERE for a delicious savory almond butter sauce you can use on salads and zucchini or cucumber noodles!

4. Warm Up Those Bones With a Creamy Superfood Latte

If you're maintaining a high raw diet in the northern hemisphere, one thing is for certain - you are likely trying to find ways to stay warm during cold weather, ways that don't involve giant bowls of piping hot soup. A warm superfood latte is the perfect way to go. While not considered 100% raw, a matcha latte or yerba matte latte will warm your belly from the inside out and provide you with a wealth of antioxidants to boost immunity, and just enough caffiene to get you going if needed. Raw coconut butter can act as a perfect stand in for coconut milk with incredible results once blended. It even gets frothy just like a latte. Click HERE to learn more and for a yummy superfood yerba mate latte recipe.

5. Nature's Fast Food - Simply Dunk and Crunch

This one is for all of those people who claim healthy food can't also be fast food. It's simply not so! If you find yourself succumbing to a quick take out order or trip to the vending machine at work to keep yourself fueled, try keeping a jar of nut butter at your desk for dunking. Pairing options might include slices of fresh fruit, carrot and celery sticks, or cucumbers spheres for an extremely healthy snack full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes, healthy fats and protein. Your blood sugar will be stable and your entire body will thank you!

And of then of course...when all else fails...just eat it by the spoonful!

Image credit Bodhi Life

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