Benefits of Antioxidant Coffee + Superfood Latte Recipe

While consuming coffee may not be a human necessity in the biological sense, it certainly is a must-have morning (or afternoon) essential for many of us to feel like we’re functioning at our best (or let’s be honest, functioning at all …) Brewing and enjoying a warm cup of coffee can also become a beautiful wake-up ritual we look forward to.

One thing is for certain, coffee is a powerful tool that millions of people around the world consume on a daily basis for both the effect and the ritual. But did you know it can also be a superfood?

What is Antioxidant Coffee

While most of us know coffee for its energy and cognitive boosting properties, you may be surprised to learn that green coffee beans (before they’re roasted) are exceptionally high in powerful antioxidants - compounds that help protect our cells from free radical damage. Unfortunately, many of these antioxidants are damaged through traditional roasting processes.

Our RawGuru Antioxidant Coffee is unique in that, prior to roasting, our delicious rainforest friendly, shade-grown Arabica beans are put through an additive and chemical-free water extraction process, where heat-sensitive polyphenols are gently removed. These antioxidant polyphenols are then infused back into the coffee at the perfect inflection point during the roasting process. This creates a coffee bursting with more antioxidants than green tea or blueberries.

The Acid-Alkaline Balance

While traditional coffee is acidic and can be hard on the stomach lining, our RawGuru Antioxidant Coffee is higher in alkaline compounds which help lower the overall acidity level, creating a much more stomach-friendly alternative. It also gives the coffee a smoother, less bitter flavor profile that many enjoy.

To summarize, RawGuru Antioxidant Coffee is the coffee you know and love ... only so much better.

Looking for a yummy superfood coffee recipe to cozy up to this fall? Try our Spicy Peruvian Coconut Mocha Latte. 

Spicy Peruvian Coconut Mocha Latte

Makes 1, 12 oz mug


12 oz of french press coffee (we used 1/4 cup of RawGuru Antioxidant Coffee + 12 oz hot water)

2 Tbs Dastony raw coconut butter

1 tsp Rawmio Peruvian raw cacao powder

2 tsp raw honey - or more/less to taste

1/2 tsp raw maca powder

2-3 pinches of cayenne (based on your spice tolerance!)

2 pinches of nutmeg

1/4 tsp vanilla extract or 1/8 tsp vanilla paste


1. Prep your coffee as you normally would.

2. Once the coffee is made, pour hot coffee into a blender, add remaining ingredients, and blend until smooth. The coconut butter will melt almost instantly, and blend with the coffee to create a frothy latte.

3. Pour in a big mug and bliss out!

*Use caution when blending hot fluids as the pressure from steam can pop the lid off.

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