8 Reasons To Love Raw Almonds + What's the Deal with Pasteurization?

From our stone ground nut butters to our raw chocolate treats, we use a lot of yummy almonds here at the WCO factory. In honor of National Almond Day Tuesday 2/16, we're sharing 8 reasons to love yourself some almonds - plus a little added bonus about how we source almonds that are actually, really, truly raw.

8 Reasons To Love Almonds

1. While many nuts are acidifying to the body, almonds are one of the few nuts with a more alkaline pH. Much of our modern, westernized diet is acidifying (processed foods, animal products, sugar, etc) which can lead to disease, so the more fresh, alkaline plant foods we can consume the better.

2. Truly raw almonds (such as the ones we use in our manufacturing at WCO) are easy to soak and germinate, a process which de-activates a compound known as phytic acid, enhancing digestion.

3. While peanut allergies run rampant in society, less people experience allergies related to almonds. This may have to do with the fact that almonds tend to have less of an issue with mold and fungal contamination.

4. Almonds help build strong bones! Just a handful per day provides a good boost of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and biotin for healthy bones and teeth.

5. Free radicals watch out! Almonds are packed with antioxidants selenium and Vitamin E.

6. A great low-sugar choice for diabetics! Almonds contain very little (naturally occuring) sugar, and help balance bloods sugar levels with plenty of plant based protein, healthy fats, and fiber.
7. The heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fats within almonds have been proven to help lower bad cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
8. They are the perfect, convenient snack! Whether you keeps a baggie of raw almonds in your desk at work, or love grabbing a jar of Dastony almond butter to munch on with fresh fruit, almonds offer a very balanced array of nutrients with no sugar and are great for an afternoon energy pick-me-up.

BONUS: So What's the Deal with Pasteurization?

One of our most requently asked questions is related to our almonds and the USDA pasteurization law. The answer is: we import high quality, organic, truly raw and unpasteurized almonds from Europe!

Back in September of 2007, the USDA got a law passed which requires all almonds grown in California (where 100% of our almonds are grown) and sold as raw within the United States be sanitized via pasteurization. This was triggered by two salmonella outbreaks in early 2000. Even though these outbreaks were traced back to conventional almond farms in California, the organic industry was also effected by the new law. We believe that organically grown almonds which are properly cleaned, processed, and stored - and kept away from possible cross contamination with animal products - are a safe and wonderfully healthy food to consume.
For more information on the USDA almond pasteurization law click HERE

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