5 Ways Rawmio Chocolate Loves You Back - Way #4 // Cardiovascular Love

When it comes to hard working muscles in the body, there is one that will always be reigning champ no matter how much you've been killing it with the deadlifts lately: the heart. This is one tireless organ, beating on average 80 times per minute, or 115,000 times per day, pumping oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to all tissues of the body. The month of February is National Healthy Heart Month, and we're celebrating by bringing to light one of the most heart-healthy superfoods of all. Yep, you guessed it: cacao.

Cardiovascular Love

We mentioned the antioxidant capabilities of flavonoids in a previous post this week, but these powerful phytochemicals also have a particularly positive impact on the health of our cardiovascular system, including our blood vessels and our heart. Flavonoids help increase blood flow and reduce high blood pressure. They also help strengthen the integrity and elasticity of bloods vessel and capillary walls, making them less likely to burst.

We've fused the heart healthy benefits of cacao with the actual symbol of love in our Rawmio raw chocolate hearts pictured above!

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