5 Simple Ways to Detox Your Living Space In The New Year (That Don't Involve Physically Cleaning Anything)

The new year brings with it a natural, collective focus on fresh starts. We hear a lot about the benefits of detoxing the body, but it turns out your internal organs might not be the only thing in need of a little cleansing. Our immediate external environments can also become cluttered up with stagnant energy. Most of us have experienced that feeling like our home or office space has accumulated too much energetic noise, or just doesn't feel good to be in. It might be hard to concentrate or think creatively in the space, or to fee peaceful and at ease. If that's the case, implementing some easy spacial cleansing techniques can really improve the general vibe, and it turns out, your entire mental, emotional, and physical well being.

When the space around us feels good, we feel good too.

Here are 5 easy and immediate ways to cleanse your energetic surroundings, none of which require picking up a broom or organizing anything (although those things help too!).

1. Diffuse Essentials Oils

Certain essential oils are powerful cleansing aids. Oils such as frankincense, spruce, cedar, lavender, and lemon are known for helping to cleanse negative energy from a space. They're also anti-pathogenic, so they have the added benefit of physically cleansing your airspace as well. In addition, they possess incredible aromatherapeutic effects which range from helping to calm the mind, uplift the spirit and improve concentration. There are a number of different styles of diffusors on the market today - something for every budget!

2. Add Life and Clean Oxygen with House Plants

Every interior designer will tell you: there's really nothing like adding a few house plants to bring harmony, energetic balance, color, texture, and life to a space. Not only that, but they also help cleanse the air, and provide higher levels of oxygen, which means good things for every cell in your body. There are house plants that can work for pretty much any situation. If you have the opposite of a green thumb, start with succulents or cacti, which are pretty forgiving and low maintenance. If you don't have access to an abundance of natural light (such as in an office setting), make sure to choose a variety of indoor plant that favors low light conditions, such as a ZZ plant or the popular snake plant.

3. Decorate With Crystals

While the benefits of crystals can seem a bit ethereal or esoteric, there is no doubt that they can really help bring energetic harmony to a space, not to mention a pop of color and sparkle which is always a good thing. They can also effectively help clear out, diffuse, and transform energy. If you don't know where to start look no further than purple amethyst. There's a reason why it tends to be a go-to. This crystal is known for emitting a healing, purifying vibration. Other good starting options might be selenite, citrine, clear quartz, or rose quartz. Not sure which to choose? Try placing a variety of small crystal pieces in a decorative bowl. You'll get the energetic benefits of each, and it will look beautiful!

4. Clear Out Energy By Smudging

The act of smudging space with smoke is a tried and true technique used across many different ancient cultures in energy clearing/shifting rituals. In a physical sense, smoke binds to positively charged ions acting to effectively clear them away as the smoke dissipates. You can use a variety of materials for your smudging rituals: sage, palo santo, sweetgrass, and cedar wood are all great. Each has a different scent and energetic feel. Test out a few and find your favorite! (we love palo santo!) This is also a super quick and easy way to clear out any lingering negativity or stagnant energy in the early morning before you begin your day. While you're smudging, focus on what you want to manifest for the day. Fill your space up with good intentions!

5. Get The Negative Ions Flowing

Our world is awash with positively charged ions, in a large part thanks to all of the technology around us. Electrical appliances, cell phone towers, and power lines emit positive ions, which can have a negative impact on our health, causing symptoms like chronic headaches, brain fog, fatigue, poor sleep, and even hormonal disruption. Negative ions are good for our health. They are released from waterfalls, large bodies of water like the ocean and lakes, and are also found in abundance after rainstorms. If you've ever felt completely recharged after a trip to the ocean, or after an electrical storm, now you know why. Negative ions also have the added benefit of binding to pollutants, pollens, dust, mold spores, allergens, and even viruses and bacteria floating around in the air. A negative ion generator, or at the very least a Himalayan salt lamp (which also releases negative ions) is such a wonderful investment for the energetics of your space, and for your overall health.

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