4 Reasons to Go with Raw, Organic, and Stone Ground Nut Butters

Whether you are browsing the shelves of your local health food shop or scrolling through the pages of your favorite online retailer you'll likely be confronted with many options for nut butters including various brands, varieties, and even methods of production. Which to choose? Here are 4 reasons why you might consider reaching for certified organic, simply prepared, raw and stone ground nut butters!


Typical nut butter production involves large grinding machines with sharp blades producing a lot of friction and subsequent heat. The inevitable result of this is a vast quantity of nutrient destruction. Nuts and seeds are naturally full of many valuable nutrients for us including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fats. Many B vitamins and important fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin E are heat sensitive, as are delicate oils which can easily oxidize and go rancid. Heat and friction will also effect the amino acids within nuts and seeds, making it harder for our bodies to recognize, digest, and absorb them to build protein.

Get the most nutrition out of your butters by going with low temperature grinding methods such as stone grinding. With stone grinding large natural granite wheels slowly turn and churn nuts and seeds into a rich, creamy butter over a period of time that can take up to 48 hours. Temperatures remain very low (room temperature), and all of that valuable nutrition remains intact.


By choosing organic you protect your body and the planet from chemicals such as carcinogenic herbicides and pesticides along with genetically modified ingredients. While we have proven through research the negative implications of many of these substances, they are still very new to us in the grand scheme of things, and many of their effects have yet to even be discovered. Go organic and rest easy that your body is being fed the nutrition that it needs without the risks associated with chemicals used to grow conventional food.


Stone ground nut butter made with truly raw, organic nuts and seeds tastes amazing! There is a purity and complexity of flavor that comes through when the least amount of processing is used. You'll notice nuances of flavor within almonds and coconut that you never knew could exist in a butter. Did you know cashew butter, when raw and stone ground, is naturally very sweet? It's true! No added sugar necessary. Try it with fresh celery sticks for a quick and healthy sweet/salty snack combination. To sum it up, the absolute difference in taste alone is enough reason to go with pure, raw, organic stone ground nut butter!


Leave lumpiness and oil separation behind! With low temperature stone grinding the result is unparalleled creaminess and a smooth texture that is decadence defined. This creamy, perfectly broken­ down consistency lends very well to a variety of recipes and is versatile to work with. You can drizzle the butter over soups, salads, vegetable dishes, muffins, scones, crepes, or ice cream, or blend it easily into smoothies, nut milks, salad dressings and sauces. Without the oil separation you can enjoy your nut butter right after you open the jar without the mess of trying to mix everything together.

Nut butters offer us a delicious energy and nutrient rich form of nourishment, and can be used to enhance so many different recipes. They make a quick and filling snack option that fits well into busy lifestyles, and are perfect for children too! If you're looking for a brand that fully encompasses theses 4 benefits you need not look further than Dastony . They have mastered the art of raw, organic and stone ground nut butter crafting, and the result is addictive in nature. We encourage you to experience the difference for yourself!

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