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Turtle Pie by Callie England

Posted in Chips, Crackers, and Snacks on 2011-03-11
Turtle Pie by Callie England
Difficulty 5 minutes Serves 12 brownie size peices
A layered, beautifully tempting, raw vegan chocolate turtle pie. Oh my! Dig in and enjoy! This recipe will seriously impress anyone who tries it!


Brownie Base

1 C walnuts (mill in food processor)
1 C almonds (mill in food processor)
.75 C cacao
.5 C maple syrup *
4-5 dates
1 tsp of vanilla
.5 tsp of Sea salt

Pecan Layer

1 C pecans

Caramel Sauce

1 C of dates (soaked)
.25  C of maple syrup
1 T of coconut oil
1 t vanilla extract
dash of lemon juice
dash of salt

Chocolate Topping

.5 C melted cacao butter
.5 C cacao powder
1 T coconut oil
.25 C maple syrup


Brownie Base

1) Process all ingredients in a food processor until smooth, making sure not to over process (which will create excess oil).

2) Press mixture in a small baking pan. Note; to make life a bit easier, line with saran wrap.

* While processing you may need to add a few more tablespoons of maple syrup to keep things moving. If you are dehydrating, a slightly wet batter won