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Chips, Crackers, and Snacks

Sometimes you just need something crunchy and salty to snack on. If you have more of a savory tooth when it comes to snacking, these recipes are perfect for you.
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  • Raw Deconstructed S'mores

    Raw Deconstructed S'mores

    Published: 6/30/2015 10:45 AM
    Try this chocolatey goodness by Heidi Turunen of
    Who said s'mores can't be healthy? With the combination of raw biscuits, raw mallow fluffs, and raw chocolate dip recipes, you'll find this intoxicating treat bursting in your mouth!
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  • Fig Rose Jasmine and Chocolate Cake

    Fig Rose Jasmine and Chocolate Cake

    Published: 5/28/2015 12:26 PM
    This delicious cake by Samia Noor of offers an enticing combo of both aroma and flavor, and a very romantic vibe from pure jasmine floral hydrosol. The recipe itself is quite simple to put together, and involves a coconut cream instead of the more common cashew cream for a lighter, fluffier experience. Enjoy!
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  • Raw and Vegan New York Cheesecake

    Raw and Vegan New York Cheesecake

    Published: 5/19/2015 7:34 AM
    Try this cheesecake recipe by Samia Noor of .
    t doesn
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  • Royal Green Superfood Cake with Peppermint Essential Oil

    Royal Green Superfood Cake with Peppermint Essential Oil

    Published: 5/6/2015 4:35 PM
    A chia and coconut-based crust topped with 2 superfood-loaded, nutrient and antioxidant-rich avocado puddings: a refreshing peppermint flavor featuring chlorella, green tea matcha, raw honey, coconut oil and mint essential oil, and a lush chocolate layer featuring the same superfood line-up plus raw cacao. This cake from Samia of Alchemy has a strong tropical influence from all of the coconut flake goodness, and is packed full of nourishment for your beautiful body.
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  • Lemon and Fig Tarts

    Lemon and Fig Tarts

    Published: 4/9/2015 4:53 PM
    Fresh figs are one of those fruits so delicious and naturally decadent, those that rejoice in their beauty can be found dreaming of them all year long until they come back into season. If you live in an area where fresh figs can't be found - don't despair - you can use pretty much any of your favorite fruits for this recipe by Bella and Bhakti. Try berries or even pinapple!
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  • Strawberry Cashew Cream Cake with Carob Drizzle

    Strawberry Cashew Cream Cake with Carob Drizzle

    Published: 3/30/2015 10:43 AM
    This cake tastes like a strawberry milkshake. The best part is: it's good for you and really easy to make. Oh, that was two parts.
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  • Low-Fat Strawberry Lemon Tart

    Low-Fat Strawberry Lemon Tart

    Published: 3/30/2015 9:23 AM
    A lot of people may find raw recipes a bit complicated due to the usual long list of ingredients. But this delicious Low-Fat Strawberry Lemon Tart id definitely the deal-breaker. You'll only need three or four ingredients. This tart requires minimum equipment, and very little time and effort. Best for busy-bods who want to keep in shape!
    It's sweet and satisfying, and the perfect size to share with a friend. -or eat the whole tart all by yourself,
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  •  Frozen Raspberry Vanilla Coconut Cake

    Frozen Raspberry Vanilla Coconut Cake

    Published: 3/27/2015 9:33 AM
    Frozen raspberry vanilla coconut cake, doesn't that just sound wonderful?! This recipe from Iselin of The Uncooked Vegan Kitchen has only 6 recipes! Very simple to make, yet extremely tasty and nutritious!
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  • Fig Date Caramel Slice

    Fig Date Caramel Slice

    Published: 3/27/2015 8:36 AM
    Yes, we all love the sound of sweet, mouth watering cakes or bars made especially for raw food enthusiasts. On top of the list is the delicious caramel cacao balls. But chef Mel Hayes of A Better Restart decided to add figs on the mix, and Voila! You get a unique, addictive Fig Date Caramel Slice.
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  • Mini Cheesecakes (raspberry-white chocolate / lemon-rose)

    Mini Cheesecakes (raspberry-white chocolate / lemon-rose)

    Published: 3/26/2015 2:22 PM
    A rich, dark, chocolaty base and creamy fillings make these cheesecakes by Simon Beswetherick true show stoppers. There are two different fillings here, but the options only end where your imagination ends
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  • Raw Peanut Butter Cookies

    Raw Peanut Butter Cookies

    Published: 3/25/2015 10:56 AM
    Soft, chewy raw peanut butter cookies are so fluffy and moist in the center after a few hours in the dehydrator. An easy snack to make for peanut butter lovers! Substitute any nut butter to make your favorite cookie.
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  • Raw Black Forest Cake

    Raw Black Forest Cake

    Published: 3/19/2015 3:24 PM
    This raw dessert by Heidi Turunen of Rawlicious Delicious is definitely not lacking in the phytonutrient department! Juicy blackberries and dark cherries swirl together in a creamy white chocolate cheesecake base paired with a chocolate walnut crust. YUM!
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  • Raw Matcha Coconut Cream Pie

    Raw Matcha Coconut Cream Pie

    Published: 3/19/2015 11:21 AM
    Imagine sitting down on a gorgeous sunny spring day to a perfectly sweet and creamy matcha green tea latte with a slice of raw pie. Drooling? Wait, it gets better. COMBINE the pie with the matcha latte and you get this amazing recipe by Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake: luscious billows of matcha-laced coconut cream atop a raw pie crust made with sprouted buckwheat, coconut flakes, dates and flax. You have entered heaven.
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  • Raw lemon Bars

    Raw lemon Bars

    Published: 3/5/2015 1:19 PM
    Lemon lovers rejoice! This elegant dessert by Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Raw lemon bars with a luscious, silky-smooth filling made from stone ground coconut butter, fresh lemon juice and zest, coconut nectar, pure vanilla, and turmeric for an amazing pop of color. Enjoy!
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  • Raw Chocolate Berries Cake

    Raw Chocolate Berries Cake

    Published: 3/4/2015 5:30 PM
    Don't wait for the next "special occasion" to make this raw cake by Eva Hajkova! A berries and cream cheesecake filling featuring cashews, vanilla, lime, coconut nectar and, yes, berries paired with a chocolate crust and garnished with marbled swirls of raw chocolate sauce. Beautiful food for a beautiful you.
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