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Chips, Crackers, and Snacks

Sometimes you just need something crunchy and salty to snack on. If you have more of a savory tooth when it comes to snacking, these recipes are perfect for you.
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  • Fig Rose Jasmine and Chocolate Cake

    Fig Rose Jasmine and Chocolate Cake

    Published: 5/28/2015 12:26 PM
    This delicious cake by Samia Noor of offers an enticing combo of both aroma and flavor, and a very romantic vibe from pure jasmine floral hydrosol. The recipe itself is quite simple to put together, and involves a coconut cream instead of the more common cashew cream for a lighter, fluffier experience. Enjoy!
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  • Fig Date Caramel Slice

    Fig Date Caramel Slice

    Published: 3/27/2015 8:36 AM
    Yes, we all love the sound of sweet, mouth watering cakes or bars made especially for raw food enthusiasts. On top of the list is the delicious caramel cacao balls. But chef Mel Hayes of A Better Restart decided to add figs on the mix, and Voila! You get a unique, addictive Fig Date Caramel Slice.
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  • Fresh Strawberry and Chocolate Tart

    Fresh Strawberry and Chocolate Tart

    Published: 8/30/2013 5:52 PM
    A nut -free crust spread with raw chocolate cream and piled high with fresh strawberries. This raw fruit tart by Chris Anca of Tales of a Kitchen is as much a joy to prepare as it is to eat and is the perfect recipe to make with those fresh berries while their still in season. If you're not a strawberry fan sub in whatever fruit you fancy!
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