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Lemon and Fig Tarts

Posted in Chips, Crackers, and Snacks on 2015-04-09
Lemon and Fig Tarts
Difficulty 5 minutes Serves
Fresh figs are one of those fruits so delicious and naturally decadent, those that rejoice in their beauty can be found dreaming of them all year long until they come back into season. If you live in an area where fresh figs can't be found - don't despair - you can use pretty much any of your favorite fruits for this recipe by Bella and Bhakti. Try berries or even pinapple!



1/4 cup of sunflower seeds
1/4 cup of almond flakes
1/4 cup of coconut
1/4 cup of soft dates


2 ripe bananas


For the base, place all the ingredients in a food processor and process until the mixture comes together- it should be a sticky dough but still have some texture.

Press the base into the bottom of 4 small spring form tart shells and place in the fridge to set.

To make the filling, place all ingredients in the blender and blend on high until extra smooth and creamy.

Pour the filling into the 4 tart shells and return to the fridge to set- around 1-2 hours.

Before serving, place the sliced figs on top of each pie.