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Citrus Tartlets with Macaroon Crust, and Lavender Broth

Posted in Chips, Crackers, and Snacks on 2013-07-06
Citrus Tartlets with Macaroon Crust, and Lavender Broth
Difficulty 5 minutes Serves about 16-20 small tartlets
A delicate and beautiful recipe by The Raw Chef Chad Sarno shared from his and Kris Carr's amazing recipe book Crazy Sexy Kitchen. The tart shells gather their inspiration from coconut macaroons and pair perfectly with the creamy clementine sorbet filling. Garnish with a drizzle of lavender syrup for a pure, floral, citrusy treat which makes the perfect dessert to finish off a light Summer's meal.


Coconut Tartlet:

2 cups dried coconut, shredded


Coconut Tartlet:

1) In food processor, process the macadamia nuts until finely ground to a meal, pour into mixing bowl and set aside.

2) In separate batch, place the shredded coconut, lemon zest, and salt and begin to pulse while pouring in agave slowly until mixture forms a ball and begins to bind and is fully blended.

3) Add coconut sweet mixture to the macadamia meal. Mix thoroughly, and be sure that you can form a ball. This is the consistency you are looking for, it also should not be too wet, if it is you may have blended it too much and may need to add more coconut,  If it is too dry and you did not blend enough you may need to blend a bit more or add a touch more agave.

4) Line a 3 inch tartlet shell with plastic wrap. Press 2+ tablespoons coconut crust mixture into each, press firmly around the sides and flutes if using fluted molds. Use palm to press firm.

5) Pop out of mold, and place on tray. Chill in freezer for about 10 minutes to firm up before serving.

For Service: Please 3 tart shells on each plate, using a 1 ounce scoop, scoop Clementine sorbet on each.

Garnish on top of the sorbet with nice long strands of citrus zest. Finish the plate with lavender syrup and sprinkled fresh lavender flowers and/or
Clementine segments.

*Clementine Sorbet:
1) In high-speed blender, blend all ingredients until smooth.
There are two ways to proceed to make the sorbet. Either chefy style, or ghetto version.

2) For the chefy style, pour in your choice of sorbet maker, (*Paco Jet being my personal favorite), and follow manufacturers instruction.

3) Or ghetto style by lining a square container with plastic wrap, pour in blended mixture and continue to freeze overnight. Pop frozen block out the following day, slice in strips and put through a gear juicer, with the solid plate for a delicious sorbet!

Lavender Syrup:

1) Steep lavender flowers in 3 cups of water hot water, for about 15 minutes.

2) Strain flowers and discard, adding the liquid to a pot you will be using to reduce.

3) On medium heat, mix in the agave to the lavender tea and continue to simmer for about 15 minutes, or until it is reduced by half.

Chill the broth before serving. If you would like more of a syrup, reduce until the mixture coats a spoon, about