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Chard Snacks

Posted in on 2013-09-04
Chard Snacks
Difficulty 5 minutes Serves 1
Any parent will tell you it can often take massive amounts of creativity to make those healthy green veggies appealing to a youngster. If you're in that boat try making these chard snacks by Erin Bosdet of Simply Dish with stone ground raw nut butter, dates, raw sunflower seeds, and a sprinkling of salt! The experience is sweet, chewy, crunchy and delicious! Great in lunch boxes too- just tell them it's a green monster burrito! : )


1 chard leaf
1 tbsp of nut or seed butter
2 or 3 dates
1tsp of raw sunflower seeds
a pinch of himalayan salt


1) Wash and dry your chard leaf.

2) Spread the nut or seed butter down the middle of the leaf.

3) Cut your dates in half and place them on top of the butter.

4) Sprinkle on the sunflower seeds and himalayan salt.

5) Roll up like a sushi roll and cut into bite size pieces.