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Breakfast and Brunch

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, make sure it's full of the nutrition you need to live your healthiest and feel your best. Browse through our selection of breakfast and brunch dishes for the best smoothie bowls, raw cereals, breakfast puddings, porridges, and more.
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  • Zucchini Pasta with Marinara Sauce

    Zucchini Pasta with Marinara Sauce

    Published: 1/14/2013 10:08 AM
    How did Lisa of Raw on $10 a Day know that we were craving pasta marinara today? We couldn't help but drool over her sauce recipe, which she notes, tastes very similar to Spaghetti-O's due to the touch of sweet from coconut nectar. Bon appetit!
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  • Orange Sherbet

    Orange Sherbet

    Published: 1/13/2013 1:16 PM
    These little bowls are equally refreshing as they are creamy. Citrus season is in full swing, so grapefruit, lemon, mandarine orange, and clementine would all be delicious!
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  • Raw, Vegan Blueberry Coconut Breakfast Shake
  •  Plum Pie

    Plum Pie

    Published: 1/6/2013 2:56 PM
    A simple and easily made raw pie.
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  • Basic Green Juice Recipe!

    Basic Green Juice Recipe!

    Published: 12/18/2012 10:22 AM
    When juicing greens and herbs, the fibers something get caught and it becomes difficult to push them through. We
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  • Golubka's Avocado Truffles

    Golubka's Avocado Truffles

    Published: 12/14/2012 9:44 AM
    Golubka says, "Making these avocado truffles could be a great way of getting your little ones to eat healthy and be adventurous. It is, afterall, a colourful and mysterious salad, with a hidden surprise inside." What a great idea! Merge art with food and get your kiddos in the kitchen with you to create fun recipes with fresh fruits and vegetables!
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  • Curried Lentil Sprout Tacos

    Curried Lentil Sprout Tacos

    Published: 12/7/2012 7:18 AM
    Anyone else obsessed with making raw wraps? For this recipe use collard greens for the wrap by taking a large leaf, cutting the thickest part of the stem away, and shaving down the remainder so that you have a flat surface area to work with for smooth rolling. Add to your collards some quick curry infused lentil sprouts, easy peasy salsa, lazy guac, olives and shredded lettuce and your meal is complete!
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  • Chia Seed Oatmeal

    Chia Seed Oatmeal

    Published: 12/6/2012 8:54 AM
    Just made a fantastic chia seed oatmeal with fresh hazelnut milk! This recipe can also be made with any nut milk or even fruit juice.
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  • Broccoli with Cheesy Tahini Sauce

    Broccoli with Cheesy Tahini Sauce

    Published: 12/4/2012 8:38 AM
    Raw broccoli and other cruciferous veggies can be a bit hard to enjoy (or even digest) raw. By massaging the broccoili with lemon juice and salt it will start to break down the thicker cellulose, softening the texture and making it much easier to chew. Proceed to smother your marinated broccoli in the rich tahini cheese sauce included with this recipe and you have a hearty vegetable meal, rich in protein and calcium, and perfect for this time of year!
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  • Buckwheat Coco Puffs

    Buckwheat Coco Puffs

    Published: 12/3/2012 9:34 AM
    Organic packaged cereal can be expensive and RAW cereal even more so. This recipe is delicious, simple, and completely afforable. Triple or quadruple the recipe to make a large enough batch to enjoy for a few weeks. When a bowl of crunchy, sweet, chocolate flavored cereal drenched in milk sounds like it would hit the spot you'll be prepared! Enjoy sipping up the leftover cocoa flavored almond milk once you've devoured your cereal!
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  • Maple Maca Pancakes

    Maple Maca Pancakes

    Published: 11/29/2012 10:12 AM
    Ever wake up with a craving for pancakes drenched in maple syrup? You're not the only one! This recipe allows you to experience your beloved pancakes to the max while remaining on your path towards health and vitality through a raw food diet. Walnuts, cashews, flax, maca and coconut oil are a few of the wholesome ingredients you'll find in the recipe below!
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  • Almond Butter Sesame Noodles

    Almond Butter Sesame Noodles

    Published: 11/28/2012 7:41 AM
    A recipe straight from the pages of Amber Crawley's fantastic recipe book Practically Raw. This recipe definitely takes its inspiration from Asian noodle style dishes, complete with a mild flavored, subtley spiced, creamy almond sauce and plenty of fresh crunchy vegatables. Use kelp noodles and enjoy an easy raw entree packed full of nutrients for dinner tonight!
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  • Cream of Spinach Soup

    Cream of Spinach Soup

    Published: 11/26/2012 8:55 AM
    I've become such a fan of raw soups. This one has just a hint of sweetness from the apple. It also would be the smoothest when made in a high speed blender, but my regular one worked well, too.
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  • Raw Mashed Potatoes with Cauliflower

    Raw Mashed Potatoes with Cauliflower

    Published: 11/20/2012 7:34 AM
    Creamy cauliflower mashed "potatoes" that don't actually contain any potato at all! Non-starchy vegetables like cauliflower digest much butter with protein-based entrees that normally accompany a raw vegan Thanksgiving meal such as a nut loaf or croquettes. You could even bring this along to a traditional Thanksgiving meal to give people an alternative to traditional potatoes that will be healthier and lighter on digestion. This recipe turns out creamy and heavenly!
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  • Epic Holiday Sauerkraut Recipe

    Epic Holiday Sauerkraut Recipe

    Published: 11/20/2012 7:34 AM

    The autumn rains here are kickin

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