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Raw Ingredients

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  1. Cacao Nibs- 16 oz

    Our Price: $13.99  
  2. Cashew Halves - 16 oz

    Our Price: $14.99  
  3. Coconut Flakes - 16 oz

    Our Price: $6.99  
  4. Maca Powder - 16 oz

    Our Price: $37.00  
  5. Nut Milk Bag (Nylon with String)

    This is the best nut milk bag ever! This is a reusable BPA-free nylon bag with a drawstring. Very sturdy with a fine mesh, this nut milk bag is very useful for individual or up to two portions of nut-milk or juice and for sprouting in modest quantities. A must for a raw food kitchen!
    Our Price: $7.99  
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18 Item(s)