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Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds - 16 oz

Organic Raw Cashews (Whole) - 16 oz

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Our fresh raw cashew nuts are tasty, creamy, rich in trace minerals, and are of an ultimate gourmet quality. The exterior shell of raw cashew nuts is extraordinarily hard and tricky to remove. Because of this, a brief 20-minute steam bath is applied while the cashew nuts are protected by their thick shell. Temperatures during this process may reach 130-140F on the surface of the shell, however, the cashew nut itself is protected by its thick shell, and is therefore kept much cooler. This process softens the shell just enough to help with the de-shelling process, without degrading the nutritional integrity of the actual cashew nut within. Many "raw" cashew nuts are boiled or even fried during the de-shelling process, however, we ensure that ours are processed with minimal heat.