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Go Green For Spring! Zucchini Pasta with Hemp CBD Infused Pesto (Recipe!)

March is a transition month. We spring forward into longer days thanks to daylight savings time, the ground starts to thaw out, sunshine peeks out from behind big white fluffy clouds, and nature literally sprouts and blossoms back to life all around us. Spring is finally here! It's a great time to lighten up the diet and looks for ways to incorporate more freshness into our meals. And it turns out you can still enjoy your favorite "comfort foods", the key is in making a few little adjustments.

If pasta typically ends up in rotation at least a few times per week, ditching the grain-based noodles and instead reaching for zucchini, cucumber, and/or root vegetables (and that handy spiralizer of course) is such a delicious and easy way to bring a refreshing and nutrient-rich twist to traditional pasta dishes. It also lightens the carbohydrate and caloric load quite a bit, and wont leave you feeling lethargic. And with the right sauce your taste buds won't be complaining one bit.

Speaking of which...

This pesto sauce just sceams springtime. We mean, just take a look at that color! We've taken the traditional recipe of olive oil, pine nuts, parmesan and basil, and brought in some of our favorite ultra green superfoods. Our Hemp CBD Extract gives this recipe a highly functional, adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory twist, while our Amazing Algae amps up the protein, vitamin, and mineral content substantially.

Instead of going for traditional pine nuts, we used pistachios for an even more vibrant green effect, and pumpkin seed oil for its delicious nutty flavor and robust essential fatty acid content.

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